Ghost Widow / Mai Sao Phi Hian

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    File info:
    Title: Ghost Widow / mai sao phi hian
    Street Date: 2011
    Category: Mysticism, Erotica
    Runtime: 01;12;25
    Language: Thai
    Country: Thailand
    Director: Mouse Suwanna
    Starring: New Thanya, Art Lamnarai

    Manao has an affair with Saknikon, son of the village chief. His father in law doesn't want anything of it and sends some men to [email protected] and kill Manao. But her soul is not at peace and she starts to possess Saknikon's wife Namwan and turns her into a sex crazy bitch.

    Video: HDRip, MP4, H.264, 1280x720, 4000 kb/s
    Audio: MP2, 2 ch, 224 kb/s
    Size: 2.14 Gb

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