The Rooftop 2013

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    Directed by: Jay Chou
    Produced by: Huang Zhiming, Will Liu
    Written by: Jay Chou
    Starring: Jay Chou, Xu Fan, Li Xin'ai, Eric Tsang, Alan Ko, Wang Xueqi
    Music by: Jay Chou, Huang Yuxun
    Cinematography: Lee Ping-pin
    Release date(s): July 11, 2013
    Running time:120 minutes
    Country: Taiwan
    Language: Mandarin

    THE ROOFTOP, marking Jay Chou’s second film behind the camera, following SECRET (2007), is a musical extravaganza combining elements of martial arts and special effects. It stars Chou alongside Eric Tsang, Wang Xueqi and Alan Ko in a story set in a fantasy world comprised of two distinctly contrasting communities and lifestyles. One group lives on rooftops, where they dance and sing every day, passing their days without a care in the world, while below them are the people living under the rooftops, who possess more money and power.

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