Your Mom Is A Bitch! (2010)

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    AKA: お前の母ちゃんBitch!
    Omae no kaachan bitch!

    Year: 2010
    Country: Japan
    Genres: erotic, comedy
    Director: Shungiku Uchida
    Cast: Asami, Yuto Kobayashi, Ini Kusano, Takashi Matsuo, Hitoshi Ozawa, Sawa Suzuki, Yûya Takayama, Ryôsuke Tanno, Arufa Uchida

    Plot: An entry in a series focused on "love" and "erotica," in which six creators from multiple fields -- from film and TV to direct-to-video and manga -- compete. Known for her work as a manga artist, author, and actress, this is Uchida Shungiku's first venture into directing theatrical film. It takes a comedic look at a man toyed with by a married woman. College student Yu (Kobayashi Yuto) becomes friends with Fumie (Suzuki Sawa), a married woman who often comes to his store, but their relationship soon develops into something more. With very little romantic experience, he finds himself absorbed in this adult woman.

    Included in the upload is a Making of extra which is equally entertaining.

    Download Your Mom Is a Bitch! (2010)
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